The problem with most instant coffee

Instant coffee (not ours) is traditionally made with Robusta coffee beans.

Why? Because it’s about half the price of Arabica.

Robusta coffee is most commonly known for its taste... but not in a good way. It’s often described as ‘burnt tires’ or ‘rubbery’, which… sounds (and is) disgusting.

Why does it taste so bad? Robusta is bitter, because it has almost double the caffeine content of Arabica beans, and almost 60% less lipids (good fats and sugars).

Instant coffee (not ours) is generally brewed up to 8 times before it’s dried

Yep, you read that right. This means that water runs through the ground coffee 8 times before the liquid is ready for drying and packaging.

To bring out the best flavours from our beans, we extracted the perfect amount from the coffee beans.

Instant coffee (not ours) is generally spray dried NOT freeze dried

Spray drying is a process of liquid being turned into tiny droplets using an atomiser. Those droplets are blasted with hot air (up to 180˚C) which instantly evaporates any liquid, leaving behind a fine, solid powder. It’s the cheapest form of drying coffee, but coffee isn’t really meant to reach such high temperatures so its quality drops a LOT.

Freeze drying is a process of liquid being frozen below its lowest temperature using a freeze dryer. Any unfrozen water molecules are then removed, leaving only the pure, dried coffee. This takes three times longer than spray drying, and it’s much more expensive. BUT, it’s worth it. It allows the coffee to be easily rehydrated, returning it to its natural, delicious state.

Instant coffee (not ours) is commonly drunk stale. Why would anyone choose to drink stale coffee?

We asked ourselves that very question when choosing how to package our coffee. Think how many times air and moisture particles are let into a jar of instant coffee over its lifetime. This compromises the quality of the coffee, making it go stale! Yuck.

That’s why we chose to package our coffee in single serve sachets, to ensure freshness in every cup.